The more drug tests on roads, the higher awareness of road safety.

TAC announced there were more drug tests on roads this year for achieving the aim of Towards Zero 2016-2020 Road Safety Strategy and Plan in Victoria.

Jodi Gubana is a staff from Transport Accident Commission (TAC) internal communications team said drug driving was a serious problem as the majority of serious injury and fatal crashes were occurring on our high-speed road network (above 80km/h zones).

“Drug testing is conducted all over Victoria, however a focus on highways would largely be due to heavy vehicles,” Gubana said.

Victoria drug tests

According to drug driving statistics, there are about 18 per cent of drivers and motorcyclists killed in 2015, and tested positive to THC, the active component of cannabis.

Figures from “TAC Statistics” which update annually and count the number and trend of people who lost lives and injuries on roads.


lives lost and injuries.jpg

291 people lost their lives and 6,683 people were injured in 2006, which showed an increase trend compared with 2015.

Gubana said the goal of TAC was to reduce the level of lives lost to under 200 by 2020.

Ben Taranto is a visual artist, said speeding was outweighed the drug tests causing the accidents.

“I think it will help, because people become aware that is happening, think I won’t drink and or take many drugs when we take the model and definitely not drive if we do that,” Taranto said.

“It makes people aware to stop, is a way to control.”

The Victoria government put forwards the project for reducing 20 per cent in death and 15 per cent in serious injuries in these five years.

“One of the key ways that we will achieve a reduction in this number of lives lost is through improvement to safety of our regional network, with installation of flexible safety barriers to prevent head in and run off road crashes,” Gubana said.

“I think is does reducing, it makes people accountable, makes people aware, encourage your friends and family,” Taranto said.

Gubana said Towards Zero was the vision for a future where no one was killed or seriously injured on road.

“We all have a right to use the road network without threat our lives or health, and it takes a combined effort to do that,” Gubana said.

“We all have a role to play in making our roads safer, and that is wat our campaigns seek to remind people of.”


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The expensive ticket does not influence the most people’s enthusiasm for having fun at The Color Run Night.

The first ever RnB 5k event: The Color Run Night held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne on 22nd April this year has attracted thousands of participants.

This is the first time for Jasmyn Dawkins going to The Color Run Night as a volunteer.

Although the price of the tickets was relatively expensive, the enjoyment derived from the event has just outweighed the expense, Jasmyn said.

She said, “Also, if you come with family, the price would be slightly cheaper for per person of a group of members.”

The ticket prices of The Color Run on sale are $60 for Individual, $55 per person for the team and $185 for a family respectively.

Scott who is a salesman come with his wife said, “Some people was deterred by the ticket price, but once they come and give a try, they will find it worthy of joining The Color Run Night. And if the price could be a little bit cheaper, that would be better.”

The ticket included some extra stuff such as the uniform and a head light. Besides, the earning was partly donated to some organizations as charity career, one staff of the event said.

The Color Run Night is one of the theme activities of The Color Run which is operated by Color Run LLC, a for-profit company, which has raised donations for over 50 national or local charities in Australia, such as Australian Red Cross, RSPCA, Cancer Council Victoria, Beyond Blue and Vision Australia.

As the online data shows, The Color Run in Australia has donated over $1.5 million to those charities.

The Color Run as the largest series event in the world, which has exploded since its debuts in Australia in the November 2012.

As the official statistics, there were about 8,000 people participated in The Color Run Night in Melbourne on April 22nd.

Scott said, “Holding it at night, it probably allowed more people to get to it, they might work during the day, they might have more time on the weekend at night.”

The Color Run also co-operates with PTV, providing the free transportation for all participants at the event day, the staff said.

The staff also said, “The costly ticket didn’t affect the numbers of the people for joining the event.”

The Color Run promotes an awareness of living a healthy lifestyle for improving their wellness, and for spreading the happiness.

The aims of this event were for having fun and releasing the pressure from daily life, so the price should not have been considered, Scott said.

As the first ever event: The Color Run Night in Melbourne, which provides a different and unforgettable experience for participants, and they will be doused from head to toe in various neon colors at each kilometer.

“We are really enjoying in this, and it’s a good event for relaxing,” Scott said.





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Does housing rental market really unusually hot and houses are undersupply in Caulfield North?

WechatIMG152People for inspecting a new apartment in Caulfield North, and waiting in a long queue. Photo by: Miao Zhang

Undersupply and highly demand of housing rental market in Caulfield North caused the increase of failure rate among visitors, property visitor says.

Figures from Australia’s REA Group ‘’ which update annually and audit average rental demand of Caulfield North which is 533 visitors per property.

It only a bit lower than the average of VIC – 647 visitors per property.

Nikki, an international student from Monash University, said the highly demand of properties in Caulfield North caused “a competition” between visitors, and students are the main group ask for house rental.

She also said: “The increase in the number of students may also make the demand of housing rental much higher than before”.

“But when I went to an apartment for inspection, there also were some couples or families looking for housing to live,” she said.

REA Group found that the top 3 of housing rental in Caulfield North are ‘Independent Youth’, ‘Older Couples and families’ and ‘Maturing and Established Independence’. Independent Youth as the top 1 which occupied 18.5%.

REA Group ‘’ analyzed that in the one or two months before the start of the university, the demand of housing rental market had reached the peak of the year.

屏幕快照 2017-04-07 上午1.50.55.pngHigh demand of people looking to rent in Caulfield North, concentrate mainly on January and May. Chart by: Miao Zhang

“People would like to choose a place with conveniences, such as transportations, shopping centers, and restaurants. Caulfield North is very close to Monash University which could be a good choice for students,” Nikki said.

Andria Savva, the office manager of Ray White Real Estate, and she has a good understanding of housing rental market in Caulfield.

She said the areas nearby the university indeed have a high demand of properties.

“But no shortage, there is always new developments going up and tenants always moving around”, she said.

She thought the beginning of a new semester of the university does not lead to the undersupply of housing rental, instead “Christmas time is crazy”.

Andria said that increasing the rental fee is a “selling point” for tenants, if they have 5 applications on the property, offering more will secure it for them, and no landlords will say no to the more rental fee.

Overseas films threaten Australian films industry, film experts say.


HOYTS, the biggest cinema in Australia, and there are hundreds of films can be released per year. Photo: Miao Zhang


A lacking of funding and a large amount of overseas film being imported in Australia are behind a crisis in the local film market, cinema experts say.


Figures from Screen Australia’s ‘Films Screened’ audit which takes place annually show local films made up around 6 per cent of all films released in Australia last year.


That’s decrease from a 32 year average of 9 per cent.


Dr Janice Loreck, film and television lecturer at Monash University, said overseas films do threaten the local film industry to some extent and overseas movies make it hard for Australian films to compete with for ‘cinema-goers’ dollars.


“American films are very dominant worldwide, particularly in English-speaking nations, and the United States produces far more films than Australia each year, and they have much higher production and marketing budgets,” she said.


Screen Australia found that while the number of US made films imported into Australia has fallen since 2007, US made films earned more than eighty per cent of domestic box office revenue in 2015.


“Cultural cringe” also lead to the dominance of overseas films in Australia, Dr Loreck said.


She believed the Australian film market, under the stress of overseas films, was not in great shape, but pointed out that” Australia had lots of excellent filmmakers, and lots of good films get released each year.


But, she said, “Australian audiences have claimed that they do not enjoy Australian films, finding them boring or inferior to other national cinemas.”


She said the federal government should work to support Australian filmmakers and help them promote their work.


Increased funding from government agencies and providing money for marketing Australian films would help the development of Australian film market, she said.


US and Asian films made up the largest number of films released in Australia, from 1985 to 2015.


Of these imported movies released in Australia, US films make up 36 per cent and Asian films make up 28 per cent.


In the top 50 films from 1985 to 2015 released in Australia, there were only three films produced locally, the best ranking of which was Crocodile Dundee (1986) at the number ten.


Jane, a 32 year old who has volunteered with the Melbourne International Film Festival for 2 years, said she enjoyed both Australian films and overseas films. She said both movie industries had excellent artists working in them.


“Australian films give us an opportunity to tell our own stories, and to develop our own styles, themes and aesthetics onscreen”, she said.


She thought the federal government really need to do “something” for supporting the Australian market.


“Money can be one of the most important things, but engaging the local audiences also is very important for the development of local market,” she said.


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Corruption and public lile: deeply analysed the Indian government’s corruption and policy

Corruption issue in India is very serious and it caused many negative effects toward Indian society and public life.

This PowerPoint corruption and public life: deeply focus on the Indian government mainly focus on the Indian government and it analysed the corruption among the government and government officials, it also analysed the measures and policy which issued by the governement for reducing and preventing  the corruption.

Victims of homelessness call for urgent action on crisis accommodation


People sleeping rough on the streets have criticised the lack of support for accommodation services, saying waiting lists for emergency accommodation are getting longer.



Charlie, 28, is looking for housing help as she stays in temporary bedding in Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Photo: Miao Zhang


Charlie is 28 and she’s been homeless for three months.

That’s how long it’s been since her grandmother, who she was living with in country passed away.

Charlie said she from a difficult family situation, and felt safer living away from home on the ccity street.

She says asking for accommodation help from the government is a difficult task.

“I had to go through the government emergency and crisis accommodations which I was looking for again now,” Charlie said.

She hopes she can get into a safe area with accommodation help from the government.

“I can get crisis accommodation which spent over two months, and I’m still waiting,” she said.

But due to the long waiting time, she had to live on the streets, and suffering through Melbourne’s cold weather in the winter.

Figures from the City of Melbourne’s ‘Street Count’, which takes place every two years, show a steady rise in the number of people sleeping on the city’s streets.

Ian Gough from the state-based Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) said that overcoming housing problems for those on the street means looking for solutions that are long term, as well as crisis accommodation.

“There are 32,000 or 33,000 people waiting for housing property,” he said.

But the current availability of social housing has been unable to satisfy the requirements of most homeless people for accommodation.

“One solution might be in terms is how do we get more social housing stocks, and the government could say you build 200 block apartments, 25 of them have to be social housing,” Mr Gough said.






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