The expensive ticket does not influence the most people’s enthusiasm for having fun at The Color Run Night.

The first ever RnB 5k event: The Color Run Night held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne on 22nd April this year has attracted thousands of participants.

This is the first time for Jasmyn Dawkins going to The Color Run Night as a volunteer.

Although the price of the tickets was relatively expensive, the enjoyment derived from the event has just outweighed the expense, Jasmyn said.

She said, “Also, if you come with family, the price would be slightly cheaper for per person of a group of members.”

The ticket prices of The Color Run on sale are $60 for Individual, $55 per person for the team and $185 for a family respectively.

Scott who is a salesman come with his wife said, “Some people was deterred by the ticket price, but once they come and give a try, they will find it worthy of joining The Color Run Night. And if the price could be a little bit cheaper, that would be better.”

The ticket included some extra stuff such as the uniform and a head light. Besides, the earning was partly donated to some organizations as charity career, one staff of the event said.

The Color Run Night is one of the theme activities of The Color Run which is operated by Color Run LLC, a for-profit company, which has raised donations for over 50 national or local charities in Australia, such as Australian Red Cross, RSPCA, Cancer Council Victoria, Beyond Blue and Vision Australia.

As the online data shows, The Color Run in Australia has donated over $1.5 million to those charities.

The Color Run as the largest series event in the world, which has exploded since its debuts in Australia in the November 2012.

As the official statistics, there were about 8,000 people participated in The Color Run Night in Melbourne on April 22nd.

Scott said, “Holding it at night, it probably allowed more people to get to it, they might work during the day, they might have more time on the weekend at night.”

The Color Run also co-operates with PTV, providing the free transportation for all participants at the event day, the staff said.

The staff also said, “The costly ticket didn’t affect the numbers of the people for joining the event.”

The Color Run promotes an awareness of living a healthy lifestyle for improving their wellness, and for spreading the happiness.

The aims of this event were for having fun and releasing the pressure from daily life, so the price should not have been considered, Scott said.

As the first ever event: The Color Run Night in Melbourne, which provides a different and unforgettable experience for participants, and they will be doused from head to toe in various neon colors at each kilometer.

“We are really enjoying in this, and it’s a good event for relaxing,” Scott said.





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