Victims of homelessness call for urgent action on crisis accommodation


People sleeping rough on the streets have criticised the lack of support for accommodation services, saying waiting lists for emergency accommodation are getting longer.



Charlie, 28, is looking for housing help as she stays in temporary bedding in Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Photo: Miao Zhang


Charlie is 28 and she’s been homeless for three months.

That’s how long it’s been since her grandmother, who she was living with in country passed away.

Charlie said she from a difficult family situation, and felt safer living away from home on the ccity street.

She says asking for accommodation help from the government is a difficult task.

“I had to go through the government emergency and crisis accommodations which I was looking for again now,” Charlie said.

She hopes she can get into a safe area with accommodation help from the government.

“I can get crisis accommodation which spent over two months, and I’m still waiting,” she said.

But due to the long waiting time, she had to live on the streets, and suffering through Melbourne’s cold weather in the winter.

Figures from the City of Melbourne’s ‘Street Count’, which takes place every two years, show a steady rise in the number of people sleeping on the city’s streets.

Ian Gough from the state-based Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) said that overcoming housing problems for those on the street means looking for solutions that are long term, as well as crisis accommodation.

“There are 32,000 or 33,000 people waiting for housing property,” he said.

But the current availability of social housing has been unable to satisfy the requirements of most homeless people for accommodation.

“One solution might be in terms is how do we get more social housing stocks, and the government could say you build 200 block apartments, 25 of them have to be social housing,” Mr Gough said.






‘street Count’:


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